"We've added a jail to Avalonia Online! Admins can jail players if they use bad language or glitch. They can specify a reason and how long the player should be in jail. We hope this will make the game more friendly. Enjoy :)"

September 18 2016



The jail is a isolated island out of the map closed by fences. When admins jail you, you're automatically warped to it. In it there is some bees, trees without apples and a Jail Guard. Also, when you are in it, you can't send messages except to admins, spar, clan messages and PVP. However, you're able to chat with people on it.


  • Unlike normal guards, the Jail Guard wields a Excalibur, one of the removed Castle Weapons.
  • If you pay attention to the template of the Jail, you can see it's very similar to the House Land template, but without hills.
  • To exit the Jail, you need to say "Sorry" to the Jail Guard. However, sometimes that doesn't works.