"Battle for Castles! Camelot has been added to Avalonia Online! Build a ladder, open the gate and bring Excalibur to the castle and conquer it!"

June 8 2015


Description Edit

The Camelot is a place where Clans battle to capture it and gain Castle time. It's appearance is a castle with shootable Cannons and Guards that defend the castle outside. Actually, to conquer it, you need to destroy the gate and then destroy the Golden Flag. Once you do that, the castle will be yours and you will be able to use the commands /leave and /enter to exit and enter the castle rapidly!

Trivia Edit

  • Before the Golden Flag update, you had to destroy the gate (from inside the Camelot), go to the nearest hill from the castle, pick up the Excalibur from a pillar and then put it on the castle pillar to conquer the castle.
  • If you use the command /unstick or click the Home button while inside the castle, instead of being warped to the Town of Heroes, you get warped to the entrance of the castle.